About The Artist – Kendra Ahimsa

Ardneks is a household name in Indonesia when it comes to colorful, whimsical and peculiar illustrations. He has previously worked with a dazzling array of international bands such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Khruangbin, Mac Demarco and Kikagaku Moyo to name a few, not to mention multiple commission projects around Asia, album covers, international event’ posters, the list goes on and on.

His portfolio of work showcases his ability to combine a mish-mash of inspirations ranging from Japanese comic typography, Tadanori Yokoo-esque psychedelia, and vintage graphic design sensibilities. He turns fantastical flora and fauna, the bizarre and the zany into his signature style, a reason why he’s been trusted in designing some of the best posters for the aforementioned bands.

A self-professed connoisseur of everything trivial and tantalizing, his artwork echoes a perfect balance of dazzling dreaminess and perfect, symmetrical composition; a result of his years of formal training as a graphic designer.

Looking at Ardneks’ artwork is like looking into an alternate retro-futuristic universe where the 60s and 70s never went out of style, where brightly colored alien landscapes and creatures straight out of your fantasy is the norm.