About The Brand

We are not a brand. We are a collaborative platform in which local Indonesian artists have the capability to translate their artwork into distinct ready-to-wear pieces.

Artist Attire is conceived from a very simple idea: to introduce emerging Indonesian artists to the masses by way of a range of well-designed attire. Indonesia is going through a renaissance when it comes to art appreciation; fine and contemporary art are no longer reserved only for the well-to-do.

But acquiring art is not within everyone’s price range…

Here is where we step in. We handpick artists and select spectacular pieces of their art to turn into a more affordable form–apparel–giving more people a chance to “have a piece” of their favorite art.

“Dress how you want to be perceived” they say; and Artist Attire is here to democratize a previously unattainable commodity into something you can wear out and proud!

Jakarta, Indonesia.